Law Office of

Sanford D. Brown, L.L.C.





Located at:


257 Monmouth Road

Building A, Suite 103

Oakhurst, NJ  07755


Phone (732)517-0720

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The Law Office of Sanford D. Brown, L.L.C. is a law firm providing general legal services to the public.  Sanford D. Brown and Nicholas J. Falcone have a total of over 40 years of practicing law.


Mr. Brown had previously been a partner of a law firm in Freehold and had practiced in that area for almost 24 years when he established his own firm in 2002.


Mr. Falcone had previously been with a national law firm specializing in employment law matters, and joined Mr. Brown in January, 2011.


The firm represents governmental, corporate, and individual clients in a wide variety of civil matters. 


The firm is committed to providing the best possible services to its clients.